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Wellbeing in Schools

Just like physical education (PE) teaches us the importance of physical health, and how we can keep our bodies healthy and fit, wellbeing in schools teaches us about our minds, bodies and our thoughts and feelings, so we can keep our brains healthy and fit. Schools can be at the helm of our kids wellbeing - a dedicated place where kids can learn to care for their own mental, emotional and physical health, thereby ensuring that our young people are really prepared for life in the modern world.

Wellbeing in Schools

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1. The Opportunity: Holistic Learning


It will be mandatory for all schools to deliver PSHE education, including health and wellbeing by 2020


  • PUPIL WELLBEING: Improving a child's emotional literacy will in turn improve their academic performance. Schools that put in place programmes to evolve pupils’ social & emotional skills have an 11 per cent gain in attainment, as well as improvements in pupil behaviour.


  • STAFF WELLBEING: Studies show that investing in staff wellbeing improves job satisfaction, productivity, decreases illness and absence, and boosts pupils’ attainment.


  • INSET TRAINING CPD: Training gives staff the tools and resources needed to help weave wellbeing into all lessons and throughout your curriculum.


  • By focusing more on the wellbeing of pupils and teaching staff, schools can be can be at the helm of our children’s wellbeing, preserving children’s emotional health and restoring teaching as an inspirational and meaningful profession.

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