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Creating calmer, happier, stronger kids! 

I’ve been working with children clinically for nearly a decade in nutrition and mental heath, incorporating wellbeing protocols to help modify behaviour. I believe a wellness mindset is needed from an early age to tackle emotional, behavioural & social problems at the root. Using an holistic approach in clinic, I’ve seen great success with my clients, and I believe these wellbeing practices are essential to longterm cognitive health and happiness.

With wellbeing in schools fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, I’ve had incredible opportunities to work as a consultant, creating bespoke wellbeing programmes to align with PSHE recommendations; I deliver the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) curriculum to Years 3-6; I hold mindfulness lunchtime clubs for pupils and staff and I also teach Yoga to children as part of their curriculum or as an after school club. 

I will continue my work to bring wellbeing programmes into schools, and offer a new way of learning that will benefit the children’s academic attainment but also help kids to achieve a stronger, more grounded emotional literacy. Developing children’s wellbeing through healthy living, emotional health and natural movement will ultimately help to create a more three dimensional human, fit and ready to achieve academically while creating a strong sense of self in order for them to feel socially and emotionally prepared for life in our modern world. 


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