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Workshops & Retreats

Summer Holiday Camp

Where: London, UK


When: 6 Weeks from June 8th


Price: £60 for 6 week course and £55 for additional siblings


About: Don’t miss: Early Bird Booking which includes one FREE smoothie from our cafe! Book before 18th May to secure your place!

Enrol them onto our 6 week Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop for a playful, creative, non-competitive start to their weekends.

Kids yoga and mindfulness is now recognised by parents, schools and the NHS as a great, evidence-based way to positively influence our kids’ wellbeing, and help them respond skilfully to life’s inevitable challenges. 

Over the 6 weeks, children will develop posture, strength and coordination, but our classes go far beyond that. 

Our certified Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, Amanda will teach your children through mindful activities and fun, playful yoga postures how to confidently explore their imaginations, develop their social skills, and learn how to use their breath to steady strong emotions.

The result: calmer, happier, stronger kids!

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