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Mindfulness Curriculum

Mindfulness Curriculum

Mindfulness is another word awareness - it helps us to observe how the mind works.   Through mindfulness, we are training our mind to change our brain. The research supporting mindfulness for children shows that it can improve emotional literacy and wellbeing, helping kids to cope with worry, stress and anxiety. Mindfulness also helps us to grow our happiness and become more caring and compassionate beings. By training our mind, we become more aware of what is actually happening, rather than worrying about what has happened or what might happen. We learn to respond more skilfully to tricky situations rather than react through fear or from a ‘fight or flight’ perspective.

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6 Evidence Based Benefits of Mindfulness

Increased Attention & Concentration

Social-emotional Awareness

Emotional Self-Regulation

Child & Adolescent Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Body Awareness & Coordination

Interpersonal Skills

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