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Nutrition Support

Nutrition Support

Nutritional therapy is a science-based health practice that uses diet, lifestyle and therapeutic supplementation to address chronic and acute health conditions. Adopting a personalised approach to wellbeing, I integrate the physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors of each individual in order to identify the root causes of presenting symptoms. This holistic approach helps to optimise health and bring the body back into balance.

It is important to empower my clients to make more informed choices by educating them on food and nutrition and its metabolic processes in the body. Understanding how nutrition effects the body is key to maintaining a harmonious state of wellbeing.

I do not aim to replace medical advice, in fact it is common for practitioners to work alongside medical professionals in recommending clinical tests or referrals for 'red flag' symptoms. Each individual is unique and this is reflected in the wide range of tools that I use to help my clients achieve and maintain health.

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