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The Parent Reset Program

Discover a completely new way to parent so when you're overwhelmed, emotionally overcharged & at a loss for what to do, you can react less, gain clarity & reduce stress for the whole family!

for parents with children of ALL ages because you never stop being a parent


There's an easier way to bring calm, connection, fewer tantrums and less anxiety to your your relationship with your children and partner.

Here’s the secret that most parents don’t know when it comes to having calmer, happier, stronger children…


More than anything else, it’s:

✓ YOUR state of calm

✓ YOUR ability to not be triggered

✓ YOUR ability to manage your own emotions


that determines how a tantrum or meltdown is resolved, how resistance and anxiety is soothed and how your children can find stability amongst the chaos. 

The key to a calmer family home lies in understanding your emotional triggers and how to regulate your nervous system throughout the day.  The more you're able to check in with yourself, your stress levels, your reactivity and come back to a regulated state, the less likely you're going to tip into a 'fight or flight' stress response, and that means less reactivity, shouting and family disconnection


I know, it sounds almost too simple to be true…


But I’ve seen this work time and again with my young students, the parents I've worked with, and also with how I navigate my relationship with my own children.


When you know how to self-regulate your nervous system, then supporting your dysregulated child and co-regulating with them becomes easier and you’ll transform your home life for all of you.

The Parent Reset Program supports you to increase awareness, develop emotional literacy skills, learn calm down strategies, and support your child's big emotions through co-regulation

PSA: Okay, let's get really honest:

✓ Your children are going to have tantrums

✓ They are going to talk back

✓ They will resist your suggestions

✓ They won't meet all of your expectations

✓ They will have anxiety, panic and fear


And you need to accept this is part of modern parenting, even if it wasn’t okay for you when you were growing up.

But you don't have to meet them at their dysregulated state.


In this program, you learn that parenting does NOT have to be all about:

frustration, shouting, disagreements, pressure, competition, lack of time, confusion, emotional rollercoasters, exhaustion...


You get to learn a new way, so you can teach a new way!

Hi, I'm Amanda

When I stared my practice as a clinical Nutritionist, I loved working with the body, especially the nervous system. My personal and clinical practice gave me a strong indication that the nervous system runs the show: physically, mentally, emotionally. It dictates your choices, and learning how to pay attention to your 'state' i.e. are you regulated in 'rest and digest' or dysregulated in 'fight or flight' can support you to maintain calm and grounded when your child is experiencing their big emotions. But how do you maintain that calm, regulated state in moments of activation because parenting is constant activation?!


I learned that thinking my way through it didn't work. I needed to actually train the body & mind together to cultivate the skill of self-regulation. And that's when I took my clinical practice deeper, so I could learn and teach nervous system regulation to parents because modern world children don't need control and coercion for emotional regulation, they need compassion and collaboration and you can only offer that from a calm, regulated state.

I changed myself because I knew parenting would only get easier if I made it get easier  and not from blaming my four year old and her inability to regulate her emotions.


I started my own personal practice in nervous system regulation which included mindfulness, meditation and somatic work. This brought much needed clarity and stability to my life. I also trained to be a trauma-informed Mindfulness & Somatic Coach and I have worked with thousands of children and hundreds of adults across the world.

All of this helped me as a parent, so I could be present with my children and see them for who they uniquely are, tantrums, talk back and everything. This is a life changer!

testimonial 1.2.jpg

"Amanda is without doubt a true inspiration. The Parent Reset Program has given me the gift of self awareness around how I choose to react to my children and their behaviour. It’s about personal growth which leads to overall growth for the family unit.  Do not hesitate to take this course. It is what the 21st century family needs!"

The Parent Reset is for you if:

You've noticed that shouting at your children doesn’t actually make them stop acting up, and doesn't make YOU feel good either.

You're seeing your parents in how you’re parenting and you’re ready to learn a different way so you don’t turn out like them!

You're stressed, tired, feeling worn down and not completely yourself.

You constantly argue with your partner about parenting and domestic duties.

When your child doesn’t listen, you use consequences and/or rewards to get them to follow suit.

You're a people pleaser and struggle to set boundaries.


You distract and over-plan yours and your child’s life so you aren’t actually able to be present and enjoy the moment

You get emotionally overwhelmed and experience anxiety, irritability and are a harsh critic of yourself, projecting some of these emotions to others.


You're frustrated with cycles of yours and your children’s behavior and want  to support yourself and them in a more meaningful way.


You just generally need to make change in your life!

You Will Learn:

Exactly how to recognize when your body and mind are overwhelmed

And what to do in-the-moment to bring regulation instead of rupture


How to recognize when your own emotions and stress state are influencing your children
And how to flip it so you’re influencing them positively!


How to train your nervous system and mind to pause before reacting

Using simple mindfulness and somatic tools to support present moment awareness and emotional regulation.


How to calm your children

Not through the words you say or by raising your voice, but by connecting with them on the level of your body, ie. your nervous system = co-regulation.


Why your children behave in certain ways

And how to recognize a tantrum or meltdown AND interrupt it before it happens or support it to bring resolve.

testimonial 2.jpg
“This course, is the best money we have spent to invest in us since being married or becoming parents. For me, your first session facilitated one of the best chats I’ve had with my husband since becoming a mum.I will return to the course content often and I feel very proud, relieved & privileged to have been able to do this unique course with a very special teacher.”

When you join the Parent Reset Program You Get:

A 30 minute private and personalized check in with Amanda
For you and your partner/co-parent, to discuss your goals and desired outcome

4 live calls
We gather for 60-75 minutes to learn the theoretical teachings around mindfulness, the nervous system, neuroscience of a child, discipline, emotional literacy, self-regulation, co-regulation and our basic human needs.


Call recordings to keep for the duration of the program


Inter-sessional practices & reflection questions
These nervous system practices are designed specifically to support you to change your knee-jerk emotional reactions, so you can react less and instead, find a pause and self-regulate

4 live check in sessions

we come together to practice as a group the mindfulness tasks you will be assigned following each live call. These practices are essential to help you change habits and learn a new way

Inter-sessional coaching and celebrations via the group messaging community


Suggested reading and podcasts

To extend your understanding of the topics in each module

So... Ready to Make the Change?

Sneak Peek Into
The Parent Reset Program Modules

This isn't just another course that fills your head with loads of information that you never actually use. In The Parent Reset Program you will actually APPLY your learnings and experience the results in your life as positive change in how you feel and how your children behave. 

Workshop 1

Getting Started and Intention Setting

Deep dive into important key terms around mindfulness, neuroscience and

the nervous system. Explore the parenting hierarchy and work with

intention setting to get crystal clear on your personal and parenting goals with the program.

Workshop 2

Mindfulness as a Practice

Work with habits, emotional reactions your thoughts in the present moment, and learn and integrate one of the most powerful parenting tools into your everyday life: The Pause.

Workshop 3

Emotional Literacy, Self-regulation, Co-regulation, Vagus nerve

Deepen your awareness of your body sensations and emotions, learn the

foundations of emotional literacy, self-regulation and co-regulation by understanding your stress system, specifically the vagus nerve.

Workship 4

The social engagement system, understanding of safety, connection & satisfaction

Explore these essential human needs based on the work of Dr Rick Hanson: safety, connection. What does it mean to feel safe in your body and how is connection different to attention. Learn how to work with your nervous system in your everyday life so you can meet those needs for yourself and your children.

Take the first action step towards positive change for yourself and your family by joining The Parent Reset Program Today

"My individual relationships with my children have changed. Understanding their unique needs, I approach and interact with them differently than I had in the past. I am more self-aware, attentive, & intentional as a mother. Far from perfect, but I am a better mom today, & my kids feel the difference!"

The Parent Reset Program

Join today and say 'YES!' to calmer children, a calmer YOU, and a happier home.

“I felt more in control as I have something I can turn to when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. This has had a positive affect on my responses with my children, my husband and my work role. Ive felt I've been able to connect more and I’ve felt warmer, more loving feelings more of the time.”

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