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Are you ready to create a better world for your children?

Then you're in the right place...


With Grounded Little Minds, I’ve created a fun and interactive platform for children to finally be able to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.

Parents are welcome to join their children in this learning!


Over the last couple of years I’ve taught thousands of children how to develop their most important superpower - emotional literacy!

A superpower that creates calmer, happier, stronger children

In this online course, I teach your children these essential qualities through a mixture of verbal, visual, kinaesthetic and intra-personal approaches to learning. Each of these teachings is grounded in evidence based mindfulness techniques that help children understand their thoughts and feelings. 

Make it a family learning adventure! 


Many parents often say to me, “I wish I'd had this growing up!” 


So, I decided to make this a family adventure! Parents can choose to learn with their children!

Discover GLM

Who can learn this superpower?


  • 7-11 years olds, but we can definitely get them younger and start planting those seeds of social-emotional literacy at five, six, especially if these are being viewed with parents. 

  • who struggled returning to school after lockdown

  • who had a difficult time with the changes that came with Covid-19

  • who keep their emotions inside and don't express themselves

  • who find it hard to voice their feelings

  • who struggle to manage sadness, anger, frustration, rage and/or fear

  • who struggle with confidence

  • who need to build focus and concentration 

  • who seem to be little worriers

  • who would like to grow their happiness

  • who would like to understand gratitude 

  • who could use a bit more patience!

  • who are happy and grounded and enjoy calming, creative activities 

  • who have a love for life and nature and want to nurture that element inside them


  • who want to develop a stronger emotional bond with their children

  • who desire their children to open up and express themselves more

  • who are curious about their child's social-emotional wellbeing

Is GLM for Your Child?
What's Included

What you get

Grounded Little Minds is a lifetime access, virtual learning platform that includes seven online social-emotional wellbeing lessons. Together, and in your own time, you and your children will journey through the following modules:

  • The Brain and the Mind

  • The Breath

  • How to Create a Calm Corner, part 1

  • How to Create a Calm Corner, part 2

  • Understanding Our Feelings

  • Gratitude and Our Feelings

  • Positive Affirmations

The running time of each lesson varies between 10-18 minutes, so children are able to retain maximum focus and concentration. 



Also included is a bonus video, Introduction to Mindfulness, about why it’s an important practice to bring into our everyday lives.


To accompany the course, you will also receive a colourful, digital workbook outlining the key terms from each lesson, the learning outcomes of each lesson, the mindfulness activity in each lesson, additional mindful activities to reinforce learning, affirmation cards to cut out and save and the materials needed for each activity. This is yours to keep and refer to forever.

The learning format

To keep the children engaged with the learning, the lessons are short but meaningful. Each lesson has a learning outcome, on screen graphics and images to support  the learning outcome, as well as 1-2  mindfulness based activities so your children can learn while engaging in a fun, creative experience. 


I made a conscious choice to refrain from using puppets, funny voices and costumes in my pedagogy because it’s important that children and parents view this as timeless material that they can return to on their everyday journey to building emotional intelligence.


Join me in nurturing our future world leaders by creating calmer, happier, stronger children today!

The Learning Format

Leona loves being taught by you, you’re officially her favourite teacher!

Mother of Leona, 7 year old online Mindfulness student

I wanted to get in touch to say what a wonderful job I think your are doing with your mindfulness classes.  My daughter really looks forward to joining them every day as she loves doing the exercises plus it gives her the chance to connect with you and other children.  As a counsellor/psychotherapist myself I am so impressed with what you are teaching them; she resists learning it from me so to see her being engaged and interested in what you are providing really means a lot so sending a massive thank you and a big virtual hug!

Parent of 7 year old online Mindfulness student

I can't thank you enough for doing this. Sonja said it was the highlight of last week and what she was most looking forward to this week ❤ Really beautiful.

Parent of 8 year old online Mindfulness student

I have to thank you for all your efforts. My daughter greatly appreciates your sessions and they are a really nice focal point for the day. They're steadily becoming the most important part of 'home school'.

Mother of 11 year old online Mindfulness student

What parents are saying

What Parents are Saying

About Amanda

Amanda Ashy, a clinical nutritionist, mindfulness teacher, and yoga instructor for children & families. She has worked with children clinically for nearly a decade in nutrition and mental health, incorporating wellbeing protocols to help modify behaviour and help children and families discover how to be calmer, happier and stronger. Amanda teaches social-emotional well-being in the school system and works as a consultant supporting schools to develop their wellbeing curriculum.

About Amanda

So, is your child ready to hone their superpower, understand their mind and emotions and change the world?

Buy now to receive:


  • Immediate access to all 7 lessons

  • Learn at your own pace and leave comments or questions

  • Bonus Introduction to Mindfulness video

  • PLUS a colourful digital Workbook with key terms, additional mindful activities, affirmation cards

All for a one-time investment of just £88

(or $115)

If your school is interested in purchasing Grounded Little Minds to include as part of teachers’ inset training or CPD, please contact me for further information.

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